TiMIM offers the design flexibility of plastic injection molding with the performance of Titanium:

  • Cost savings of 20-50% over multi-axis CNC machining or investment casting,
  • Increased design flexibility and net-shape features with reduced manufacturing cost,
  • Mid to high production volumes scaled up quickly,
  • Improved performance, tightened tolerances and superior surface finish over investment casting.


Our Ti-6Al-4V Grade 5 material is produced in an ISO-13485 certified environment and complies with the chemical and mechanical property requirements of the following specifications:

ASTM F2885 / ASTM F1472 / ASTM B348 / ASTM B381 / AMS 4928 / AMS 6931

Component suitability / design guidelines

  • Typical annual volumes range from 5k to 1M
  • Part weights typically range from 0.1g to 100g
  • Minimum wall thickness dependent on flow path, typically 0.015” to 0.040”
  • Net-shape tolerance capability of +/- 0.3% of the dimension
  • Surface finish of 32 Ra (µin)
  • Additional processing can achieve improved tolerances and finish.
  • For full design guidelines, please refer to: http://www.mimaweb.org/Design_guidelines.htm

Our Capabilities

  • Quality:
    • Our validated TiMIM process functions in an ISO-13485 certified environment utilizing a state of the art paperless document control system.
    • To meet the stringent purity requirements for implantable materials, our entire MIM processing line is dedicated exclusively to titanium materials.
  • Compounding:
    • At Praxis, we believe that capability begins at compounding. We manufacture our feedstock in-house to maintain full control of batching and compounding to ensure high quality and consistent feedstock. Every batch is tested and characterized to ensure material compliance.
  • Molding:
    • Our injection molding equipment is the most precise available with additional features to aid in processing and control. Molding is fully automated to guarantee quality.
  • Debinding and Sintering:
    • Praxis uses a proprietary debinding process for initial stage debinding. Secondary debinding and sintering is carried out in our dedicated TiMIM furnace. Our specialized furnace design was developed to provide a robust processing route for TiMIM.
  • Secondary operations:
    • Praxis has in-house CNC machining and surface finishing capabilities to aid in supplying finished parts. Additionally, we offer out-sourced services to meet your specific requirements.
  • Metrology:
    • Praxis’ metrology department is outfitted with vision measuring systems, CMM’s and profilometry equipment to ensure the quality of even your most complex parts.

Titanium Advanced

  • Achieve features not feasible with machining
  • 20-50% Cost Savings
  • 13485 Certified and cGMP Manufacturing Compliant

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